Playback in mobile safari is terrible

Everything works fine on computer browsers, but when viewing on the iPad through the safari browser there are quite a few problems.  Powerpoint videos don't won't play(saved powerpoint as video file and inserted into storyline project), triggers involving variables don't work, there are audio issues with audio not playing, animations lagging......I'm really surprised at how poorly its working.  Has anyone else had these problems?  The Articulate Mobile Player is not an option for our organization.  Too many iPads and too much of a hassle to install on all of them.  


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew, 

There are some inherent limitations of mobile safari described here  and a great set of articles we've released here about how to optimize content for HTML5  which we felt were important to share since HTML5 is still a new and emerging standard in e-learning technology. However, as of early 2014, it hasn't been accepted as the industry standard. As a result, your HTML5 published content might look and behave differently than you intended.

With that being said, if there is something specific that isn't working correctly we'd be happy to take a look and do some additional testing. As a general rule of thumb, I first test the HTML5 content in a browser such as Google Chrome on my PC by pointing to the story_html5.html file in my published output. That generally gives a good baseline of how the content should display. 

You mentioned converting the Powerpoint to a video, but didn't say what type of video so I also wanted to point out that how the videos will be encoded for your Flash, HTML5 or Mobile player versions, as Flash videos won't play within the HTML5 content. 

If you'd like us to take a look at the other items you mentioned such as triggers and audio difficulty, please feel free to share your .story file here with us, or you're always welcome to connect directly with our Support engineers  and if you'd prefer to share the file with me directly I can send you directions on how to do so.