Player controls not working

I have a course with many slide layers under main slide.  I can not get the next button to work.  I have tried to change it to advance at the end of the timeline and no luck.  I have even tried pasting the player buttons into each layer.  HELP.  How do I get the player controls to work.  I have attached file Help please

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lisa!  Thanks for sharing your .story file.  I noticed a couple of adjustments that you could make.

First, your navigation for this course is Restricted.  You can make that setting in the Player Properties > Menu pane.  Until the timeline on your slide ends, the Next button won't work, and learners won't be able to use the Menu to navigate to the next slide.  In your first slide, the learner sees the first layer before the slide timeline ends, and there isn't a way to return to the base layer to let the timeline finish.  When I changed the navigation to Free, I was able to use the Next button to progress to slide 2.2 immediately.

Second, probably in an attempt to get the Next button to work, you included the trigger to jump to slide 2.2 on every layer.  You'll only need that trigger on the base layer for the Next button, so I removed it from the other layers.

Will you need your learners to experience each layer from start to finish on your slides before being able to proceed?  If not, use the Free navigation option to give them a bit more control over when they can advance to subsequent slides.