Player Cut Off in Firefox: What is causing it?

Feb 06, 2018

I need your collective brilliance once again. :) 

Yet again, a client is having issues viewing courses and of course it comes down to it being "our" problem. So we're left troubleshooting. And I'm running out of ideas. 

The situation: the client uses Cornerstone On Demand. They insist that we publish content with Flash first, HTML5 as the fall back. The player template we use is the default one with our logo, a menu, and Notes. It views just fine in SCORM Cloud

The problem: "The module worked really well in IE and Chrome; however, it appears the entire slide is not displaying in Firefox.  The bottom and right side are being cut off. " (I keep trying to upload the screenshot but I keep receiving "bad server response" or other errors about not being able to access the server....)

I've been researching what could be causing it and have come up with the following possibilities. Can you help me think of ANYTHING ELSE that it might be that I could suggest to the client, or that WE could do on our end:

  • What happens when you resize the browser window?
  • Are there any developer extensions turned on in Firefox that could be turned off?
  • Is the zoom on the web browser more than 100%?
  • Can we confirm that you’re using the latest version of Firefox, and the the most recent version of Flash?

What are we NOT thinking of?


Thank youuuuuu!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ashley.  I'm so sorry you're in the middle here -- that's got to be taxing.

I think you've asked some really good questions.  I would add having a look at your player properties to your troubleshooting list:

  • How is the player set to behave within the browser window? 
  • What is the browser resizing setting? 
  • And does changing any of those options improve the output?

Can you also confirm if they're viewing the Flash output in Firefox?

If this is a project that you can share with our support team, as always, we're happy to take some of the burden from you.

Ashley Schwartau

Yes, we have confirmed they're viewing the Flash output in Firefox. But havent heard back on any of the other questions yet. 

We've given them a test file with the player to display at optimal size (because that's how they set their Storyline courses that they create in-house), but changing the player to resize is number one on my list of things to change in the next test file. 

If we get to a point where they've answered everything and tried everything we've suggested and still can't get it to work, we will def submit a case. 

I appreciate you trying to help! One additional question that one of my coworkers had: So the client uses Storyline 2 in-house to create courses. We use Storyline 360. We've matched all of their publishing settings (they sent us screenshots), and yet this problem happened. Is there ANYTHING at all between the two versions of the software that could cause something like this? Or if we've matched the publishing settings, AND can't recreate the issue in SCORM Cloud, then doesn't it seem like it'd be an LMS or browser settings issue on their end?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashley,

Storyline 360 was a full rewrite to the publishing engine from Storyline 2 based on the need for publishing HTML5 first/only - so there are lots of different things! None of which I've seen cause the display to just be cut off in one browser though. 

Our team is happy to take a look, so let me know if you submit a case, but you're right that if the issue doesn't occur in SCORM Cloud then they'll need to work with their LMS admin or look at any browser settings that could be interfering with the display! 

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