Player dialogue will not open after menu change


I have just imported a PPTX file into SL and barely started working on the content.

I opened the player dialogue and adjusted the menu, rearranging slides in the process (specifically moving 1.4 before 1.3).

I then saved and closed the player dialogue.

Next, I dragged one slide (1.4 to become 1.3 - which it currently is in the Story view).

Finally, I tried to open the player dialogue again and received the following message:

"It is strongly recommended that you close any unneeded applications and save your project."

I click the OK button and the dialogue closes.

I click the Save button and try to open the player dialogue again.

Nothing happens (no dialogue box - nothing).

I restart my PC and get the same results, the player dialogue never opens.

This has happened a few times in the past to all 3 of our SL installations and the results were us having to start from scratch again or import the story into a new project.

Any issue such as this is confusing and concerning.

I uploaded the story for investigation referencing this forum entry. Case Number: 00355442

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