Player frame - how to remove the light grey 20 pixel border all round


I have adjusted Base > Main Background, Base > Main Border and Base > Slide Background all to 100% transparent and made the Page Background white but I still have the light grey border around that I need to either make transparent or white to blend into my LMS background.

If I can't do through player options is there a way to adjust the published output and if so, can someone tell me how to do that.

Thanks everyone



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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Wendy for sharing the player set up. I see the same behavior in your file, and after seeing that I did a bit more digging in reports filed with our QA team. It seems that this has been reported, and that the grey border you're seeing appears in the preview - but it seems that publishing it allows you to see it as expected. Please use that workaround in the meantime while we wait for additional updates from our QA Team - and I've linked this thread to that report so that I can share updates here. 

Rahul ISL

Hi Ashley, is there a way to altogether remove that border? While it is okay to make i transparent for desktop viewing, it is not so good for mobile devices as I am losing some canvas, as well as it  opens up like a window within the browser (a window in a window). Let me know if there is a way around this - any html code changes?

Thanks, Rahul

Tracie Bosket

Yeah, that is the thing I have been struggling with for a week. I am able to hide the boarders, but when I import the project into the Canvas LMS, the boarder still shows, as a big gap between the page title and the Storyline project. There has to be a better way?