Player Issue - Very wide outlines

Apr 05, 2016

So I adjusted with the color scheme of my player and then when I started previewing the course, the outlines of the player were very wide. I could not get them to go back to normal. I know it has nothing to do with the larger story size of the course because it was already that size before, and the player was appearing normally. I could not get the player to go back to normal. I tried copy and pasting the slides into a new story file, and every time I did the player would adjust to that size in the new file. I finally had to abandon that file and work from a previous version to get the player to look normal again. Why would the player look this way? I didn't even realize there was a way to make the player have wider sides. What's even stranger is that the player looks normal in the preview screen when you go to edit the player settings. Here's a picture of what the player looks like. As you can see the outline of the player is quite wide. Any ideas? Is the file just corrupted or something?


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