Storyline module not resizing

Jul 21, 2014

OK Storyline experts...I could use some help. I have built a timeline with a large size story file (1950x800). It looks great in preview, but when I publish using any of the three browser resizing options (full screen, optimal size, users current browser size) the text runs off the screen to the right. I am about to pull my hair out.

I thought I could build a timeline with a very large width because I could get it resized. Does this mean I need to shrink it? If so, what would be the optimal size in order to have a wide screen, lettter box type user experience?

Here's what I mean by not resizing (this was published to resize to optimal size):

Thank you!!

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Mary Cropp

Thanks for the response Michael. However, I still have the same problem. I have set the browser to resize to optimal, and locked the player at optimal. And yet, the module is too large for the screen at the very left edge. I am loosing some important real estate there.

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