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Aug 04, 2014

I published a course with the following settings:

Browser: Resize browser to fill screen

Player: Lock player at optimal size

My course is widescreen, with a rather lengthy ToC on the left. I mention this only in case it has any bearing on my question. Also, the player has been locked at optimal size to ensure the video quality is not affected.

When I view the course I expect to see the browser occupy full screen with the player being locked at the optimal size within. Instead this is what I get. (see attached)

Not only does the learner have to resize the window to see the entire screen, but the overall size is LARGE. What is causing this?

Appreciate any help I can get!

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Michael Hinze

What are the dimensions of your project? Maybe the project dimensions exceed the user's screen settings. For example, a project of 1600*900 would be shown in a window with both vertical and horizontal scrollbars on a screen 1024*768 if the player is locked at he optimal size. Here is some info on the options for Browser Size and Player Size settings.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shanti,

Thanks for sharing the image and information here with us.

Are you seeing this behavior in IE only or any other browsers? The overall size will depend on your story size as well, so if you're seeing something that doesn't look as you expect you may want to begin there. Could you share a copy of your .story file with us so that we could take a look at how it's behaving?


Ashley & Michael - thanks for your response. Here's some additional information:

1. I was mistaken about its being widescreen. Its 960 x 720.

2. I have so far only viewed it in IE8, since our LMS requires us to view courses in IE.

3. Other courses with the same dimensions (960x720) appear as expected - everything fits into the player window.

4. This particular course has a lot of videos embedded in it. Could that have something to do with how it is displaying?



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