Player makes SL crash while generating preview or publishing course

Hi, I have a project that I translated into Japanese. To do this, I exported an XLF, translated it, and imported the XML into the same file from which the XLF was generated.

This all worked great but when I try to modify the player to Japanese or any other player modifications, I'm unable to preview or publish without SL crashing when it's writing the player. If I cut and paste each of the slides into a new project, I can preview until I make any changes to the player or if the file is open too long then it crashes during preview/publish. I'm using an newest updated SL version running from my client.

Our team ran the project on several local machines with the same result. I ran visual studio and it says there's a multi-language issue. This happens regardless of whether I use Japanese in the player. What am I doing wrong? Can you send me the proper player settings for Japanese?

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