Player nav buttons turned off but then appear when returning to a submitted hot spot interaction

I just noticed a quirky issue in Storyline 2. I have a hot spot interaction that switches the graphic to a state displaying the correct spot highlighted, and I'd like learners to be able to go back to the slide to review correct answers. Also, I have custom navigation buttons requested by the client "Next" and "Back".

When I export the module, before submitting the hot spot interaction there are no player nav buttons ("Prev" and "Next") and just the custom buttons. But when I submit any of my hot spot interactions, proceed to the next slide, and then go back to review, the player nav buttons then appear. Which isn't the end of the world, but looks awkward, and the "Prev" button doesn't behave the same way as my "Back" button. My "Back" button is mapped to the previous slide in the list and the "Prev" button goes to the last slide viewed, which may actually be the next slide, if the "Back" button was used to navigate.

If for some reason this is the way it's supposed to work, is there a way to keep the player nav buttons turned off? If it's not supposed to do this, is there a fix in the works?

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Dean Ichikawa

Actually through a different post I learned that the PREV and NEXT buttons appear when returning to a submitted quiz question by design so that the learner can review all of the quiz questions. And I already submitted a request to be able to enable/disable PREV and NEXT buttons while reviewing a request as well. Thanks nonetheless for your reply!