Hot spot acts as if it weren't answered after closing correct fb

May 22, 2013

Hello all,

I am having some trouble with a Hot Spot interaction... The Hot Spot slide I am working with is unlimited tries.. So if they guess wrong, the try again pops up.. click "Try Again" and you get another chance.  Click the correct area and click submit, and the Correct feedback box pops up... this all works.  The problem is that I want the button on the correct pop up to simply close the correct pop up box, not also move to the next slide, and then have the student use the custom previous/next buttons to continue.  When I simply close the Correct feedback box, the Hot Spot interactivity remains active.  To make this even more of an issue, with the Hot Spot interaction being active, it does not allow the student to click on the custom previous or next buttons to navigate the course...

Is there a way to turn the Hot Spot interactivity "off" after the student has correctly answered?  Or is there perhaps another workaround that I am overlooking?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.



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John Kostrey

I found a temp solution... as you may know, you need to put the submit button on it's own layer if you want it to work proper... so I made another layer with the next previous buttons, overlaying the previous next buttons on the main nav.  I simply have this layer appear when the user closes the correct feedback box.

If someone has a cleaner solution I'd love to hear it.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

Sounds like your method should do the trick. Just wanted to share another suggestion, just in case it's something that might work for you.

You could place the custom buttons on the "Correct" feedback layer, instead. Pretty similar to what you're doing now, I believe. Instead of closing the layer, all they'd need to do is click on the buttons. You could even remove the "Continue" button or text and simply add a statement on the prompt that says something like "Click on the Next button to continue...", etc.

Just a thought :)

Good luck with the project!

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