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May 04, 2015


I am creating a hot spot and would like to use a customized submit button. I am able to get other question types to have the correct or incorrect pop up. With the hot spot the customized submit button doesn't respond and the correct and incorrect pop up doesn't appear.  Do you have any suggestions please. 



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Leandra

no need for triggers, the correct shape when selected is the 'pick one' - and will display the 'correct layer feedback' - any other shape will give the incorrect layer might just need to change the 'selected' state of the one they click if you don't like the glow around it.  Look at the 'Form view' tab of the slide to see how it sets up.  Hope that helps

Tim Neill

I'm sorry but why can't you just hold your hands up when there is an obvious fault such as this in Storyline 2 and say: 'Sorry - there is a bug in the 'Hot spot' question type which will prevent your custom Submit button from working in the same way as the default 'Player' Submit button'?

You would save your customers from wasting hours trying to work out: first what they are doing wrong and then, on learning that it's actually your fault, trying implement your cack-handed workaround.

My application was simple: a marked quiz question with one clickable 'correct' hot spot and two attempts allowed. To create using the standard SL2 Player 'Submit' button (which my interface doesn't use), including allowing two attempts and the Submit button to mark - 1 minute.

To create the same question using my custom Submit button, including trying and failing to allow a second attempt if any of the four 'wrong' areas are clicked the first time: I gave up in the end.

There are many things I like about SL2, which I have used since 2012, but there are some very annoying problems and deficiences which you have never addressed.

What would be helpful is if Articulate published for its customers a list of admitted 'Known faults' but I know this would never happen.

Articulate - this custom Submit button problem is a software BUG. My Submit button should behave exactly the same way as the default Submit button provided in the SL2 Player, as it does for ALL other quiz question types.

To not ackowlege this and to then offer us workarounds with rubber bands and wet string is an insult. The button does NOT do what it should do.

Tim Neill

Thank you Phil.

Wendy Farmer's HS-SL2.story example (download above) got me on the right course and I now have it working correctly.

In that example however, the hot spot area is in front of the picture so it doesn't work properly. The hot spot must be behind the whole picture.

Although SL2's weak functionality in certain areas does frustrate me (historically an Authorware user for almost 20 years!) I have only praise for the cheerful, responsive and practical guidance you and your team always provide on this forum.

Tim Neill

If I create a simple 'Pick one' question, turn off the default Player 'Submit' button, put a custom Submit button on the Base layer with a trigger attached to 'Submit interaction - pick one' - it works in exactly the same way as the Player Submit button.

If I add a custom Submit button to a 'Hot spot' question, it doesn't behave the same.

Tim Neill

In case others come this way, this is the sequence of operation:

My 'Hot spot' question has a single background picture and one 'hot spot' ellipse, it is set to allow 2 attempts:

1. On the Base layer:
- There is no custom ‘Submit’ button
- Hot spot area is in front of the picture, or the 'correct' area can never be selected
- A Trigger attached to the picture shows the layer called ‘Submit’ if the user clicks anywhere in the picture, regardless of whether they clicked within the hot spot

2. On the layer called ‘Submit’:
- There is a custom Submit button which submits the interaction for the ‘hot spot’
- When the user clicks Submit, it displays the ‘Correct’ layer OR it routes them to:

3. The ’Try again’ layer:
- Displays a ‘Try again’ message and a 'Try again' button
- When ‘Try again’ is clicked, this layer is hidden and they are sent back to:

4. The Base layer for a second time:
- The sequence at 1. and 2. above is repeated, except if they don’t click the correct 'hot spot' target, they are taken to the Incorrect feedback layer.

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