Player Navigation Buttons Missing on Laptop Display

Jul 07, 2021

Recent changes have required some of our learners to take our courses using laptops.  In the display setting Microsoft auto assigns the laptop display to be a 150% zoom. This has resulted in the users that are viewing on a laptop display, not seeing the player buttons to proceed through the course, without zooming out on the browser or manually resetting their display to 100% (which makes everything else tiny). Our learners who view the course on a widescreen "desktop" monitor view the course normally.  Basically, if they open a course on their laptop screen, they can't see the navigation buttons or bottom section of the screen.  But, if they move the course to a desktop monitor, all content and player options show normally.

Is there a way to set a setting or publish so that both users who use the laptop and those that use a widescreen monitor can view the course the same without having to readjust the zoom in the browser to 67% or the display settings to 100%?  Is there a setting that will automatically display correctly based on browser zoom?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lynn!

I'm happy to help! I have two recommendations for you. First, can you look at the Player Properties and see what the browser settings are? I'd recommend using the option Resize browser to optimal size. Secondly, are you using an LMS? If so, you should be able to control the dimensions of the browser window in the LMS settings. It might be located under Launch Behavior or Window Dimensions.

Let me know if you have additional questions!