Player Options

Hi all!

Is there anyway to change the Player Options per scene rather than just for the project?

I would love to be able to have a differnet colour/look/feel/logo for each scene in my project. Any ideas?

( I have created each scene as an independent project and linked via web objects - works fine for look and feel etc but is a bit unweildy!)

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Jamie Smith

Although it requires some 'post-processing', you may be able to accomplish what you're looking for in a limited way by using a tailored frame.xml file in concert with some custom Javascript. The file is located in the story_content folder of the output package. When publishing to the Flash output version, you actually have access to the functions that control layout and color schemes for the Player. I know it may involve some work, however it could be possible by creating custom xml nodes in the frame.xml and reference those by name through Javascript calls included in your presentation. I've successfully used this method for changing control layouts dynamically. You could likely do the same with Color Schemes.

See my post(s) located on this thread.