player properties, auto hide

Aug 18, 2017

Hi all,


Is there a way to auto hide/show the volume bar, seekbar and next/prev buttons so they only show on hover in the player? Or a better work around? My client is requesting something like this but I am unsure how to go about this.

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If you are publishing to HTML5, you can hide them with a bit of JavaScript but they will be truly hidden, meaning NO hoover state. However, you can show them again based on some other trigger with similar JavaScript. 

What version of SL are you using?
Have you considered ditching the built in navigation buttons and building your own? Custom buttons within the slide canvas can, of course, display the behavior you've described.

Paula Fluckiger

If you are using Articulate 360 you can set the Properties for each slide. Choose a slide on which  you want to make the seekbar visible. Click on the menu icon on the bottom right side of the page, locate the Player Features option and click the down arrow. Choose Custom for the Selected Slides. Click the Seekbar box. The seekbar will then only appear on pages where the box for seekbar is checked. 

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