Player Tabs Changing Order in HTML5

Jun 22, 2015

Hi everyone,

I've run into a bug where the player tabs are changing order in HTML5. I am running Storyline 2 Update 5.

I've attached a screenshot to explain, but here are the basic steps to reproduce it on my end:

  1. Player tabs are in correct order by default, and stay correct if left unchanged
  2. Remove some tabs in the slide options (such as removing Menu from a quiz section)
  3. When the removed tabs are added back on a following slide (such as adding the Menu back on a results slide), they are added back in an incorrect order.

I tried removing the custom "Exit" player tab from the course frame, and still had the same issue.

Does anyone have a fix for this? I will also file a bug report.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt, 

Do some slides have the set up using the player defaults and then other slides with them removed? You mentioned you're only seeing this in the HTML5 output - is this within Chrome or Safari? I'm going to do a bit of testing on my own files (unless you have one handy to share) but want to make sure I replicate your set up as close as possible. 

You mentioned filling a bug report - if you've sent this along to our support team, please let me know the case number and I'll follow along there. 

Matt Leo

Thank you both for replying.

I think the problem with Leslie's version is that it removed all of the player tabs, instead of just some of them.

I'm attaching a storyline file where I was able to reproduce the bug.

The bug occurs on any HTML5 version that I've tested. Most importantly, it occurs on my iPad using the Safari browser, but I also reproduced the bug on my PC using Firefox and Chrome for testing.

Thanks again!

Matt Leo

Hi Leslie,

I also see that same order: Glossary, Menu, Resources, Notes when I encounter this bug.

As mentioned before, the bug seems to be specific to HTML5. When I reproduced it in Chrome and Firefox, it was by specifically launching the story_html5.html file from my browser.

I know that the default version for non-mobile devices should be Flash from story.html, but I wanted to confirm that it was only occurring in HTML5.

- Matt

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