Playing/looping audiofile independently of the timeline

Apr 22, 2020

hi, guys,

here is what I have:

1. timeline with several triggers that pause/resume timeline based on the mouse hover - no issues there.

However, when I add the audio file it also stops when the timeline stopping triggers are activated( understandable).

My question is: how to play audio file independently of the time line and possibly loop it.?

I tried adding trigger to the timeline  like this:
Resume timeline when time line reaches( 50s - end of the audio file) - did not work

Restart media when the time line end- did not work


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Len Hackenbroch

Hi Mehdi,

To play audio independently of the timeline, this might work - - basically put the audio on the base layer and everything else on separate layers, makes sure the layers are not set to Pause timeline of base layer.

To loop an audio track continuously, add a trigger to Play AudioFile when AudioFile completes.

Hope that helps?



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