Please let me decide how to colour hyperlinks on hover, select

Aug 21, 2013

First off, I have to say that I hate the on hover 80% opacity thing. My design requires two colours of text (black on white, and white on blue) - what this means is that the theme only allows me to select one type of behaviour for hyperlinks. 

Then my users see these ugly boxes (the 80% opacity - which does not make sense when your text is WHITE!). 

Visited links get the opacity box, but when you mouse over them and then leave, the box goes away. This is totally not obvious or intuitive behaviour for users!

I get that I can choose not to use hyperlinks, but rather use transparent hot spots or boxes over the text, but that is an ugly work around that takes me more time to program (as I also need to manually change the colour of my text and add underlines). As a rapid elearning tool, any workaround that takes more time is not desirable.

A better solution would be to allow me to EDIT the hover and visited behaviour. I'd rather have hover do NOTHING, and have the links that have been visited change colour - as that would be much more intuitive for learners. That or have both do nothing and just look like the original hyperlink.

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Rebecca Hogue

Yes, exactly. So the hover behaviour is NOT what hyperlinks look like, and it certainly never has a "fill". In many cases a hyperlink will have a different colour if it has be "visited". 

So, what I'm asking is to not have Articulate do some "clever" non-standard behaviour on links, because it is screwing up my design and my users are complaining that the system is acting in a non-standard and unpredictable manner.

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