.pngs coming into Storyline 360 at lower quality

Mar 02, 2018

I couldn't find any discussion about this so I hope I didn't miss anything.

Since downloading the new update this morning (March 2nd) I'm finding that any .png files I load into my SL360 file come in with a lot of lost detail. Specifically I'm creating comic characters on pixton.com and downloading the high resolution files and there is a big difference in quality after I bring them in (they are fine looking at them outside of storyline). In fact, if I just take a screen shot of the comicĀ  and copy and paste it onto a storyline screen, I keep the quality. But not if I import it into my storyline project.

I can also say this wasn't happening before the update although I did have to download the high resolution files to get good quality.

Any ideas? This is a big problem.

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