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Jun 20, 2012

When i create an association question qith lets say 10 items. i would like to reward the responsant with 10 points.

It seems to me that when the respodant answers, he gets the whole question either correct, or incorrect.

If however he got 8 items out of 10 correct, he should be rewared with 8 points.

Is there a way to reward the respondants on partially good answer??

(please dont say variables)

thank you!!

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Nathalie Kustcher

Thank you Bruce. Yes i can set the value of the question there. But like in an association question, or in a multiple answer / multiple choise, the respondant has a partially good answer? I would like to reward him with some points.

lets say i have an association question with 10 items to match. It is worth 10 points. He matches correctly 8 items, but 2 items are wrong (interverted).

Does the respondant earns 8 points in thats case or 0? when i look at the report it tells me incorrect. it wouldn't be fair for the respondant to not earn 8 points wouldn't it?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nathalie and Bruce,

Nathalie, thanks for the question. I know you said you didn't want to use variables, but it seems they'd do the trick here. It's pretty easy to set one up, add a trigger for one correct answer, then duplicate for the others.Since I'm wanting to learn more about variables and calculations, I created a multiple choice slide which has 6 answers, 5 of which are correct.

Bruce, if you could weigh in (or anyone who could help) I am missing something on the results slide (below).

Nathalie, here's what I did.

Create the variable

I created one called AddPoints. It's a number variable and the default is 0.

Set a trigger for the first "correct" answer

  1. Click the first "correct" answer
  2. In the triggers pane, Add a new trigger
  3. In the trigger wizard:
    Action=adjust variable
    Operator= +Add
    Value: Value   2
    When: User clicks
    Button (for me this was Button 1 Blue)
  4. Click OK
  5. In the triggers pane copy this trigger and paste it. I did this 4 times, since my goal was to have 5 questions worth 2 points each for a total of 10 points/100%
  6. In the triggers pane, click to adjust for the "other" buttons

Check if the triggers are working

On the multiple choice slide, I inserted a reference in this way

  1. Create a text box on the slide
  2. From the insert menu, select reference
  3. From the References box, select AddPoints

What's working and What's not

All of this works fine. But now the Results Slide needs to be edited. This is where I'm a bit confused

Your Score: This is what mine looks like now (after I tried to edit it), but the percent isn't working properly

%Results.ScorePercent%%     (%Addpoints% points)

My points show up correctly, but my score shows as 0%

So for example, if I answer 2 questions correctly, the Results shows 4 points, but it shows 0%.

What would I need to do to show that my percentage is 40%. Do I need to create a variable for AddPercents?


Kevin Thorn

Hi Nathalie! Rebecca has the right setup for the choices. It's not as difficult nor as time consuming as you may think.

For easy management of variables, I'd create a similar one for each question similar to Rebecca's 'AddPoints.' For instance:

- Q1points

- Q2points

- Q3points

- and so on....

As for the results slide not calculating the percentage, the reason it's not working is you're no longer using the default question slide question slide variables. So when you click "Submit" nothing is sending any data to the Results.PassPercent or Score.PassPercent variables that's on the Results slide. 

Depending on how complex your quiz ends up being, it is possible to calculate the math (percentages) per slide > save it off to the above variables > and then present them on the default Results slide. 

Hope this helps, too.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kevin,

Tx for your response. Can you clarify about what would need to be done to get the score percent to show. I've read what you've said about the slide variables now being different, and of course I understand that they are, since I added variables and triggers.

But if I was able to edit the Results Slide so the score in points displays, shouldn't I be able to edit it also so the score in percents displays? Maybe that's what you meant by your last statement. If so, how would you do this?


Kevin Thorn

I don't think  you can directly edit the Results.PassPercent or Score.PassPercent as those variables are added by default as soon as you add a Quiz slide to your project. There may be a way but probably buried in the Quiz source files - never took the time to dig into it if its even possible.

First, to be honest I don't typically use both Points and Percentages on the same results slide. You can turn those off in the properties but it just seems redundant to have two scores and two percentages. Makes things confusing for the learner. Really it's just "Did I make the grade or not?"

I digress...

As you know percentages are calculated by dividing the lower number by the higher number. In this example lets set it for 100 possible points, and accumulation of points during the question flow can be divided into that 100. 

There's probably several ways to approach this, but this comes to mind first. In this example lets keep it simple with five (5) questions. Each question is weighted for 20 points (total 100). Each question has weighted choices so if we have four choices per question, each choice would be weighted with 5 points. With me so far?

Next we set up some variables:

- Qtotals : default value = 0

- Q1choice1 : default value = 5

- Q1choice2 : default value = 5

- Q1choice3 : default value = 5

- Q1choice4 : default value = 5

- and so on for the other questions...

  1. Add a trigger to each correct choice (or how learners earn points) to Add+ to Qtotals
  2. If I chose 3 out of the 5 correct for Q1, then Qtotals should have a value of 15 now.
  3. Keep adding to Qtotals across the other questions.

In this simple example you really don't need to calculate percentages because Qtotals "IS" the percentage. Following the scenario that I got 15 out of 20 possible points for each question, I would have 75 total points out of a 100.

Just present Qtotals as that percentage on the Results slide as %Qtotals%%.

Again, this is just off the top of the NuggetHead so without working this out in a project file, there may be a better way.

Now for my soapbox - I'm not convinced there's any real value to showing all those numbers to a learner with points and percentages. Points work well when your interactions build on each other over the progress of a course to give learners a sense of accomplishment. I don't see them working well for simple quizzes since most tracking and reporting is done by an LMS which typically is set up to track completion/passing status and maybe a score presented as a percentage. Summary: Points work well for in-course progress; Percentage works well for reporting and tracking.

Perhaps some of the more Guru Experts have other options or approaches than this? 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Kevin Thorn said:

I don't think  you can directly edit the Results.PassPercent or Score.PassPercent as those variables are added by default as soon as you add a Quiz slide to your project. There may be a way but probably buried in the Quiz source files - never took the time to dig into it if its even possible.

Kevin, I DID edit the Score.PassPercent on the results slide as I mentioned above

Your Score: This is what mine looks like now (after I tried to edit it), but the percent isn't working properly

%Results.ScorePercent%%     (%Addpoints% points)

And you can see in this screen shot that it reported correctly the 6 points I got when I answered 3 of the 5 questions correctly

Regarding your "soapbox", I'm not taking a position. Simply responding to the challenge in this thread. After 20-some years as a learning consultant, I do my best to advise, and then I do what the client wants. There are such diverse needs and applications out there. I learn so much from my clients.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I replaced the default Score data on the Results Slide with the %AddPoints% data (the variable I'd created) (copied/pasted it from the reference on the Quiz Slide). You can see it here:

That's why I think there has to be a way to get the cumulative percents in there as well...perhaps another variable?

Phil Mayor

Rebecca, none of this will report to the LMS though, it isnt possible to adjust the built in variables for results slides which is annoying but also understandable.

if you want to create a percentage from this  you will need to add  a variable for max score and then calculate the percentage using this

Maxscore/current score * 100

Phil Mayor

If your not using an lms its not a problem, but yes this will hold true to AO as well.  It is the variables that are reported linked to the results slide and not the results slide itself.

I did a two day training session on articulate that finished today and variables are the one thing that they all struggled on, not sure if that makes me a bad trainer

Kevin Thorn

Rebecca, Phil is correct. As I mentioned earlier depends a lot on how it's delivered and tracked. If your LMS only reports completion status, then the on-screen percentage and points is only there for immediate recognition. Understanding the custom quiz Nathalie is trying to do, Storyline currently doesn't support complex calculations that still send data to an LMS. At least as far as I understand it.

However, there is a way to calculate it. You already have AddPoints to collect points from the questions. You'll need two more variables to run the calculation Phil suggested.

First, what's the overall total points a learner can achieve? For this example, lets assume 20 total points. How you weight those across the questions is your decision. i.e. Q1 = 5, Q2 = 3, Q3 = 5, Q4 = 2, Q5 = 5. Five questions totaling 20 points.

Create these two additional variables:

- TotalPoints: default value = 20. This is the total achievable points.

- TotalPercent: default value = 0

Since Storyline can't do multiple calculations within a single trigger, we have to do what I call, "Set & Pass" triggers. On your Results page place your variable text boxes and arrange them how you want. - %TotalPercent%%, %TotalPoints, and %AddPoints%. 

Note: Remember to add the extra % sign to TotalPercent so it appears on screen as ##%.

In the Triggers panel add these in this order from top to bottom:

  • Adjust Variable TotalPercent > =Assignment > Variable > AddPoints. // we're passing the value of AddPoints over to TotalPercent temporarily.
  • Adjust Variable TotalPercent > /Divide > Variable > TotalPoints. // now we're dividing AddPoints (the value we passed that the learner achieved) by the total number of points possible. Remember, TotalPoints has a default value of 20 already.
  • Adjust Variable TotalPercent > *multiply > Value > 100. // This is to simply convert the current value in TotalPercent from a decimal to a round number.

Give that a go. From this base structure you can design just about any combination and complexity of a quiz  you can think of. Just about

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

nope (re bad trainer), I just said in a separate thread to Gerry that I wish I could get the whole variables/triggers/conditions schtick down faster.

You know, it reminds me of learning a language. You understand it when you hear it (in this case see it), but creating novel phrases (in this case, new scenarios that require V/T/C) is much more difficult. So it's not you.

Speaking of learning languages, I need to get off this forum and prep for my ESOL class tomorrow or I'll be up all night doing that!

TX for all your help

julie wynn

I need to create an Assessment with 8 true/false questions as the first question, where each correct answer received 0.5 points.

Is there a better way to achieve this other then

- creating a page per true/false question, and

- doubling the score (as Articulate also does not allow 0.5 points)?

I think I may be able to achieve this with variables. However I need to know if it is possible to send the variable used (in Rebecca case %AddPoints%) to the LSM as the completed score in place of the Articulate default (%Results1.ScorePoints%). Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thanking you in advance.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikki,

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not certain that folks are still subscribed here - you may want to message them directly using the "contact me" button on their profile to see what they ended up doing. Otherwise, hopefully others in the community will pop in to assist you as partial scoring or decimal points within scores are still not an option within Storyline.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Mikki,

There may be a way to use Javascipt to tap into the weight of questions and do those odd combination calculations.

The short answer is design the assessment in multiples of 10. Meaning, remove 5 questions or add 5 more to a total of 20. I know that's probably not the answer you wanted, but it makes life a lot simpler and an easier project to manage.

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