Poor quality video and syncing issues in Storyline


I have Storyline and Camtasia Studio to create videos.   First I tried Camtasia - I created my screen capture video, aded callouts etc and published to MP4 and inserted it into Storyline.   However the quality of the video was poor, the conversion made it very blurry and grainy so this did not seem like a good solution.   So I tried the new screen capture function in Storyline.   I needed to capture a whole application window, the capture went ok and I was also able to add the callouts to come in and out at the right times.   I published and everything was working...  BUT....

The quality of the video is quite bad, and quite grainy.  Not as bad as Camtasia but not great.

The video and callouts have gotten out of sync.    This seems to happen if the network connection is quite slow - the video plays more slowly but the callouts pop up when they should so they get all out of sequence.   It looks very unprofessional..

SO my questions are:

1. How can I get the video capture and output right so that they look sharper and better quality - is it to do with the size of the capture area or the settings?

2. Why are the callouts so easily made out of sync - shouldn't a slow connection slow them down too?  After all they are added on a timed basis i.e. if the video is slow shouldnt the callouts be equally slow??

At the moment video from both Camtasia and Storyline is feeling a bit unusable :-(


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cheryl,

You mentioned that the screen you're trying to record is a full window application, so it may be an issue of your Story size and the size of your screen recording. By default the Story size is set to 540x720 - if the recording window is enlarged at all, it can result in a blurry recording. For inserting a video made elsewhere, you can change the quality within the Publish settings 

In regards to the callouts, Storyline preloads published content in a specific order to make playback of your courses as smooth as possible but I haven't seen an issue with things playing out of time based on a slow internet connection. Unfortunately, if a course contains media of any kind, there's not much that can be done for a very slow connection outside of publishing for CD. If you'd like our team to test it and see if they can determine anything else that might be causing the slow playback, you're welcome to share it here. 

Katie Averill

Hi!  I'm experiencing the same issue noted in the original post.  I've adjusted the video quality as suggested above, however, I don't see any improvement in the published storyline.  Are there any additional settings we can adjust?  Also, please note that I cannot upload the file due to privacy regulations.