Possible to animate based on variable value?

Nov 02, 2018

So I have this object that has a bunch of questions to determine the users learning style. Each question adds 1 to one of 4 variables if selected when the user clicks next and then when you get to the end it gives you your preference for each aspect. simple enough. Is it possible in anyway to get an object to animate based on the values? Essentially what I'm thinking is something like the way you can get graphs to animate on powerpoint etc but in a more dynamic kind of way.


This is my test object


storyfile attached



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Bruce French
Daniel Servan


Thank you Michael for sharing.

Here's my sample inspired by Michael's demo.
See attached Storyline file.

Hi, unfortunately I cant open your file because it uses features i don't have (im on 3) but is it essentially a bunch of different things and then if box 1 = whatever then display corresponding graphic?

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