Possible to Export or Publish a Single SL Scene?

Dec 20, 2012

Is it possible to export a single scene from SL or to publish just a single scene? Or do you necessarily have to delete out the scenes you don't want? Just curious.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Laura, you can publish a single scene without deleting the other scenes in your project.

To do this make the scene you want to publish the starting scene ( right click on the scene and select "Starting Scene).

Then make sure this starting scene is not linked to any other scene.

When you publish, only the starting scene will accessible when you launch story.html  (although I think that the assessts for the nonpublished scenes are still included in the output folders.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Amy!

Nancy's method is pretty awesome and probably the fastest way.

However, if you want, you could always delete the other scenes, publish and close the file (but don't save it!).

Or, you could import the scene you wish to publish into its own Storyline course and then publish the course. Personally, this is my preferred method, because I like to keep a copy of the file I've published how I published it. If you update the original course, you could always insert the slides into the new course as well. 

Importing from Another Storyline Project

Hope this helps :)


Philippe JEANTY

Hi Everyone, this is a related issue. I would like to collaborate with someone on (literally) the other side of the world. What would be the easiest way to send ONE scene and import it to replace an existing scene on the other side. 

So person A updates Scene 78 and send scene 78 to person B

Person B import and replace scene 78 to make her/his presentation up to date

Any other tricks for collaboration long distance ?

Thanks for input

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