Possible to export project into PowerPoint?

Aug 12, 2013

Once I've created a project with Storyline is it then possible to export it to PowerPoint?

I created my slides in Storyline but now want to share those slides with my clients so they can provide feedback. I'm thinking .ppt or Google Slides would make it easy for them to provide their comments.


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Katie Riggio

Welcome to eLearning Heroes and great question, Nicole!

You can import Powerpoint content into Storyline, but not the other way around at this time. We're tracking requests for this feature, so I'll add your vote!

With your goal in mind, one approach can be to add the Storyline interaction as a Web Object in Presenter. Could that work for your design?

Katie Riggio

Thank you for your vote, Jan!

I'll make sure our report is up to date with your voice, and here's our process on how we manage all of the ideas we receive!

In the meantime, could you share more detail on what you're looking to do? We'd love to hear more about how this feature could help while also exploring alternatives that will help you reach the same goal!

Jan Brooks

Sure. The scenario is that I have a course in Storyline that I created rapidly, without a storyboard about a year ago. Storyboards were not required then. Storyboards became required after that course launched and the best I could do was export to Word, which doesn't show the slide builds.

Now the course needs updating. The ID work is to determine what changes are needed and provide an updated storyboard. If I could export the course into PowerPoint, I have the storyboard I never created and the ID can make updates. 

Sonette S DeWitt

Please add my 'vote' to that requests as well.  It would be helpful for not just reviewers but also to use when training in environments where using a computer is not feasible or with employees don't have LMS access (i.e. contractors).  The word version does not flow as well and takes a lot of manipulation.

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