Posting Storyline courses to Company Intranet

Jul 28, 2012

At the moment, our agency has not yet purchased an LMS.  So, I'd like to at least offer some of our new Storyline content to employees on our Intranet. 

I currently am able to add PPT, XLS, DOC... files to our company-wide Training folder for employee use, but wasn't sure what I needed to do with the zipped Storyline file.

Do I need to save the entire zipped folder?  Do I need to unzip it?  Do I save the entire zipped file, but only make visible to employees the specific STORY.HTML or STORY_HTML5 file?

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Nancy Woinoski

You need to publish your course using the HTML option and then put the entire output folder in your training folder unzipped (unless you want your employees to download the course to their desktops).  Tell them to click the story.html file. This will launch the course in their web browser.  If you want them to download the files, give them access to the zipped folder and tell them to unzipped the files before trying to click the story.html file.

Frank McConnell

Hi Karen,

I'm in the same boat in terms of an LMS. What I did was take the published output folder (Unzipped) and I placed in a folder entitled "Computer Safety Training" because I deal with safety and compliance training. This folder is located on "O." Drive which is our group drive that all staff has access to.

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