Posting Two 'Separate' Quiz scores to an LMS


I have a course I am deploying to an LMS only with the .zip file.

I have a file with several quizzes, only two of which I want to report scores to an LMS.  I have a Pre and Post Test, and want to report both scores to the LMS, with the Post Test being the quiz which determines passing (Complete/Incomplete) to the LMS. 

Currently my Post Test is working correctly as expected, and I am getting the score and completion status to the LMS successfully.  All I want to do that I currently am not, is to track the 'separate' score of my Pre Test to the LMS as well.  I have extinguished all of the options I could find.  I don't want to combine the scores.

Thoughts on how to send two separate scores to the LMS?  Thanks all!

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Phil Mayor

Soryline can only sned one quiz or track by slides for completion.

You could do a results slide of results slide which I preseume will sned all the data but you would need to then filter it out to get the individual quiz scores.

Perhaps you could assign the values of each quiz result  to a variable and then force that into individual numeric questions and then assign that quiz that to the tracked quiz (you could probably make this invisible to the user by using jump to next slide triggers).

This way you would get the naswers sent to the LMS and could run a report on that, just a thought