Record scores and results for pre and post tests in Storyline

We have a client that wants to have scores and results for pre and post tests recorded in the LMS separately so they can compare what they missed on the pre-test vs the post-test and have both scores recorded. They do not want an average of the two tests. Is there a way to have Storyline record these results and not have separate pre-test and post-test files?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes and great question, Keith!

Currently, Storyline lets you track a course either by the number of slides viewed, by course completion trigger, or by a single quiz (result slide).

Although tracking both measurements or multiple quiz scores separately for the same course isn't supported at this point, this article outlines a few approaches to track more than one SCO (shareable content object) in a single course. Folks in the community may have other recommendations, so I'll leave that in their hands!

Also, I found several related discussions that discuss pre and post type of assessments that can hopefully help 🤞

Nicholas Soldatenko

The individual scores for each question are sent to the LMS by default. So if the LMS allows custom reports, you can create two separate reports that group questions by pre- or post-test association. If you can't create custom reports, consider using something like Data Cloud to collect and group the data in any way the client wants. 

Jeffrey H. McKelvey

I have the same issue!  We are building a set of courses covering a broad range of topics (Investing, Malpractice, Student loans, et cetera) and want to track pre and post test results.   The test results will be feeding into a QI research project and hopefully will be the base for a clinical publication on the effectiveness of eLearning for Medical Residents and Fellows.

Currently, we are working with Healthstream as our LMS. Has anyone tried having one quiz in the SCORM course, one one quiz inside the LMS shell?