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Aug 13, 2015

Hi All,

I recently created a course with a test that functions as both a pretest and a posttest, and I'm encountering an issue with how the score is reported in my LMS. 

If the user fails the pretest and then passes the post test (with a score between 80-100), the score is always reported as 80. Everything else reports correctly. So it the user passes or fails the pretest, the correct score is reported. 

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue? I attached a stripped down version of the .story file to this post. The course was published with an LMS Reporting setting of passed/incomplete. Would changing that setting help at all? I don't care exactly how the course reports completion, as long as it's not showing incorrect numbers.

I'd appreciate any advice that someone might have! I'm stumped on this one.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zoe, 

Are there two tests in this course? I see the question bank, but I'm not sure how they're using a pre/post test set up? Storyline can only report one tracking method or completion - so if you've used a results slide you can only report it once to an LMS and it'll depend on your LMS if the score updates when the user receives a different score. 

Zoe  Epstein

There's one test that serves as both the pretest and the post test. Taking it as a pretest is optional, but learners can take it to test out of the course if they choose to. My intention was that if they pass, they don't have to view the content because they get credit based on the test right at the beginning. If they skip or fail the pretest, then they have to view the content and take the test at the end. 

So the logic works like this:

  1. Click either "Pretest" or "Go to content" buttons
    1. If pretest is passed, credit is granted and learner can exit the course
    2. If pretest is failed, learner has to go to content
  2. Review content, set variable postTest = true because they'll be taking the posttest
  3. After content, take the test (same question bank) - with postTest = true, results page shows retry/review buttons
    1. If passed, credit granted
    2. If failed, retake test

And the LMS results have been like this:

  • Pretest score failed + post test score passing (80-100%) = 80 in LMS
  • Pretest score passed + post test score failed/passed = correct score in LMS
  • Pretest score failed + post test score failed = correct score in LMS
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for sharing that additional set up here and how it's behaving. Have you looked at testing it in SCORM Cloud as well? It's an industry standard for testing LMS content, and you'll need these directions to use AICC content there. 

If the issue does not persist there, you'll need to continue troubleshooting with your LMS team. 

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