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Jun 20, 2012

I am in the process of importing many Power Point (2007) Courses into Storyline and I am noticing that the animation is not transferring over as nicely as I would like. Is there away to remove the Power Point Animation once I have imported the slides into Storyline? Or, does anybody know of a work around?

Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.



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Carlito Tomas

Hi Barb,

If I understand the question correctly, you may be surprised to discover that Storyline cannot interpret some PowerPoint animations, and attempts to turn them into simple Fade animations. If you don't like the Animation you get in Storyline, simply select the animated object, click the Animation tab at top, then select "None" (or switch to a different animation) at top left. (Please see image.)

Bruce Graham

Hi Barb,

You need to remember that Storyline is not PowerPoint. Yes - it can import PowerPoint, however, that's one area where the differentiation between SL and Presenter Suite comes in. If you are very "PowerPoint-based" for your data input, it may be that SL will always need some intervention.

I believe the Articulate crew are working on extra animations for upcoming releases/versions, however, at the moment, you are not going to get a 1:1 conversion.

Here's the blurb:

  • Articulate Studio. Use the Articulate Studio suite if you want to author courses primarily within the PowerPoint environment. With Studio, you create quizzes, courses, and interactive content using various products within the suite.
  • Articulate Storyline. Choose Articulate Storyline if you want to author courses with a single standalone product. With Storyline, you create virtually any type of quiz, course, interactive content, or software simulation using one authoring tool.

Studio and Storyline have different strengths.

For me, yes...I import .ppt slides into SL, but then I tend to start a new scene and start a custom rebuild, using the slides for inspiration, and the SL features for excitation


Gerry Wasiluk

This Storyline KB article on motion paths gives a good alternative with publishing video from PowerPoint:  http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=vilad7faispm

But since you have PowerPoint 2007, you could go into the published output on your Presenter course and find the SWFs for the slides you need the animations the way you want them.  Import the SWFs into Storyline.

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