Failed to Import Power Point


I've used Storyline a couple of times for various projects, and I was excited to learn that there was a new version out. I updated the version of Storyline and I run now on v.1.0.1 or Update: 1 as it shows in my program.

I received a mandate to create a Power Point much like what I was doing in Storyline, and import the Power Point in both Adobe Presenter and Articulate Storyline - the goal if this is to show demos to clients of each program and they can choose which HTML5 software they'd like us to use for them.

So I created a PPT in Office 2007. No animation, no Audio, no anything imported minus Slide Masters and PNGs on every page (I was going to animate separately once all the assets were plunked in).

Now, for the first time ever, I'm getting the Failed to Import PPT - giving me a link to a bunch of stuff that doesn't apply to me (such as using only 64 bit of Office 2010).

I created this using a 32 bit version of Power Point 2007 - I'm just confused as to why it won't let me import something so basic...I really don't feel like re-creating slide masters and re-importing and positioning all the assets.

Anyone have any idea?

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