PowerPoint animation

Sep 15, 2015

I have imported a PowerPoint template into my storyline. The first page is animated...like a video and runs automatically in PowerPoint. I get the slide but the animation doesn't show up.

This is not the animation that is set in PowerPoint (like appear, fade, etc.) It is an animation that comes with PowerPoint.

Does anyone know how to get the animation to show up?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lynda -- Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear you are running into issues! Please check out this article on Things to Consider When Importing PowerPoint Content (note: this article is for SL1, but the same principles apply with respects to SL2 also). 

If issues persist and you would like to share your Articulate Presenter Package, we can attempt to import your PPT into Storyline on our end to see if we have the same results. Please also feel free to share your. story file from after the import where you are experiencing the issue you have described, as well.

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