Powerpoint Icons disappear when I import slides to Storyline

Hi guys,

first of all I started using Articulate 360 last week and I must say, it is amazing. Easy to handle and really good tutorials to learn how to use the software. 

But I got one big issue though. If I import Powerpoint (Office 365) slides into my story on some slides the icons disappear and I don't know why? Does someoneelse got the same problem and know how to solve it?


Best regards,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Benu, thanks for that feedback! I'll be sure to pass it along to my team. 🎉

I haven't seen a similar issue in the forums before, so I'm glad you brought this up. Could you share the troublesome PowerPoint slide with me? I'd like to test the import, as well. 

You can attach it to this thread by clicking the Add Attachment button in the reply window. Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hello Binu!  Thanks for including your PPT file.  I did a quick import into Storyline 360, and it looked like all of the images were retained:

It sounds like you're seeing something different though.  Let me try to help.

  • Where is the PowerPoint file saved on your computer?
  • Can you send a screenshot of what you see when you import into Storyline?

Thanks for working through it!

Binu Manikath

Hi there, 

so Gren from your CSE wrote me to do following steps:

1. Reuse the slides of your file to a new PowerPoint file, then import this new file into Storyline. Follow the steps here:


 2. Completely uninstall and reinstall Storyline 360. Please follow the steps below:


 Restart the machine, then test importing the PowerPoint slide into Storyline again.

I did all the steps above, but the issue still occurs. I asked my colleague to install Articulate 360 to test the handling on his Surface Book, there the issue also occurs.

I get a bit frustrated by now as I have to import more than 60 slides for a web based training and have to be sure that they will get imported properly.  It seems though that all the images which where inserted into Powerpoint via "Online Pictures" causes the problem. 

My company is ordered the Articulate 360 team licence via Interlake, the German distributor. But we may have to cancel the order and switch to an other solution if we can't fix this. That would be sad, as I really like your software interface and handling.

Sarah Stillings

Hello! Wondering if a solution to this was ever found? I'm experiencing an issue where a good portion of PPT icons import as black squares or with an odd transparent gray/white rectangle surrounding them. I've attached screen shot examples of both of these. 

Mark Siegrist

I am having the same issue as Sarah - when I import PowerPoint files into Storyline 360, some of the icon images used in the PPTX are showing as blocks in SL. What is the recommended workaround? I have been manually replacing them one by one but it's going to take me days to fix all of the courses needed : (


EDIT: I just opened a case #01585826  for this issue.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michelle!

I peeked into Sarah's case to see the workaround we shared with her.

In her file, the PowerPoint icons were imported into Storyline as solid black squares. Here's how we fixed it:

  • Select the icon that appears solid black.
  • Right-click the icon, and select Format Picture.
  • Select the Fill tab.
  • Select No Fill, and click Close. You should now see the icon correctly.

If that doesn't help you, we'd love to see your file. You can share it privately with our team here.