Feb 20, 2014

a couple of questions

my twin is sending me ppt files to put onto storyline

here files are 2003 release files

i have an older version off ppt - '97

i am not touching any of the ppt files just trying to insert them into storyline

storyline will not let me install them

is it because it's looking at my version of ppt 97 for some reason

or is it based on the fact that my twon's files are from 2003 version.

can anybody assist


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roma,

First, you will need to have a supported version of Powerpoint install to import into Storyline. Also, you'll see described here that if you have an older version of PPT and you're trying to import one created in a newer version you could receive that error. You'll want to follow the instructions in the article to download the compatibility  pack. 

roma kohutiak

hi ashley- thank you for your response

however, i am not understanding- this is a 2010 ppt standalone file- all i am trying to do is import it into storyline

just so that i understand this, i need to have an updated ppt version of the application on my computer?  THis file came from my twin who has 2010

Is storyline hooking up on my computer to the older version? i thought import did not have any relevency to the current application on my computer..

If the file is a 2010 file, i have never opened it in my version of ppt, storyline will not import unless i have a current version of ppt?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roma,

If you're looking to insert a Powerpoint 2010 file into Storyline, but you only have Powerpoint 97 that would cause the error for a few reasons (one, it's not a supported version of Powerpoint, and two the Powerpoint 97 and 2010 versions don't match). You'll need to update to a supported version and then try to import again. If you're still having difficulty please let us know how it behaved after testing out the troubleshooting steps mentioned here. 

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