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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hilary,

What happens when you try to import the Presenter files with Quizmaker into Storyline? Do you see an error message or nothing seems to occur? You'll want to follow the steps here to import, and if you run into an error message there are some troubleshooting steps here. 

The Powerpoint would only be a SCORM output if it had been published as such from Presenter/Quizmaker. That's the zipped folder you'd be able to upload to Oracle as an LMS.

Hilary Trammell

Thank you for your response - that's why I love the Articulate staff and community!  They sent me a zipped file that technically was supposed to load into Oracle as an LMS (without pulling it into SL), but Oracle errored.  I'll have to retry to get the error so I can better troubleshoot.

Thanks again.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Hilary,

Thanks for sharing the error that you are seeing.

Quizmaker 360 is a part of Articulate 360 as well, yes.

Your error message seems to indicate that you have a Quizmaker file in a PowerPoint/Presenter course and you are importing that into Storyline, is that correct?

Please, double check that your .ppta file is in the same folder/location as the .pptx file you are importing.

If you could share your Articulate Package, I'd be happy to take a look and test importing into Storyline.