Practice PowerPoint won't import

The practice PowerPoint supplied by Articulate won't import. I can open the powerpoint directly just fine. But when I try it, the machine goes into a loop with the message "reading powerpoint project." It stays like this and I can't close the program. The practice file is in My Documents in an Articulate folder. It has been unzipped and ready to go.I am on Windows 7 and my version of PowerPoint is probably 2003. BTW, I first tried loading powerpoint template from your site, and a different presentation of my own. None of them will import. They all go into a loop as described above.

I am noticing buggy things like this going on even though I am only on the third lesson. Any ideas? Thanks. Sue

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior you've encountered, and would like to have you check on a few things. 

First, you mentioned you might be using Powerpoint 2003, and you'll want to double check as the system requirements for Storyline are detailed here . Did you check the file type as well to confirm it was a .ppt file, instead of a .pptx file?  If so, you'll want to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, reboot the computer, and then try to import the presentation into Storyline again.

Next, the steps on how to import Powerpoint into Storyline are detailed here. 

It's also possible that when you installed Storyline, something occurred during the install causing this and other buggy behavior. I'd suggest conducting the repair of Storyline just to be sure. You mentioned the practice file you're using, and I assume that's the Powerpoint file and the Storyline file you're referring to, but just as a reminder you'll want to work with all local project files as described here.