Pre-Check versus Final Assessment

Feb 17, 2022

Hello all,

We are beginning to utilize the Pre-Check feature in Storyline 360 as a way for a learner to "test out" of learning and we want to see if there's a way we can distinguish in our LMS (we use Cornerstone) whether a learner passed/completed the Pre-Check versus the Final Assessment. So far, we haven't been able to find a variable in Cornerstone's report builder that corresponds to a specific results page in SL. Are any of you using Cornerstone as your LMS and experiencing/experienced something similar? thanks!

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Carlos Martinez

So far the only variable we've been able to identify in Cornerstone's report builder that would give us that information is the "Quiz Question ID" variable which gives us the scene and slide number. We can then deduce which assessment was completed by the learner (Pre or Post test), but I was wondering if there's another variable that wouldn't require an IDD person to refer back to the original SL source file to identify the scene/slide number.