Pre-fell subject line and body of email

I am creating a quiz. For the last two questions, I have them setup as True/False. If someone selects False for either questions, I need an email window to pop up, pre-addressed. I have been able to accomplish this. However, I cannot figure out how to get the Subject line to pre-fill, and I cannot get disclaimer text in the body of the email.

I am not a true developer (knowsome about JavaScript), so I was hoping to accomplish this using Triggers. I have it set so that if Variable1 is set to False, then send an e-mail to the group of people that need to receive it. The window does appear, and is addressed correctly, but I cannot get anything in the Subject line, and cannot get anything pre-populated in the body of the email.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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Jason Gressman

Thanks, Emily.

That is one of the threads that I looked at previously, but it is using JavaScript to pull in quiz results. I need to have pre-defined text (pre-defined by our Legal department) populate the email window. There is no way to do this from within Storyline? I will need to go open the story.js and edit the JavaScript? I have read that if someone uses AMP, this will not work as it doesn't support it.

Emily Ruby

Hello Jason!

This will need to be done using JavaScript. Here is another thread that may be of assistance. Aswe don'tprovide support for JavaScript coding,hopefully others in the community may join in with some ideas.

Executing JavaScript is not an available feature in the AMP, here is a comparison list of what is supported in each output.