Pre-load Web object

Mar 28, 2019

Hi Heroes!

We are using a lot of web objects in our courses. And a common solution is a Unity created web object. The problem is that it sometimes creates a rather big web object, which creates some loading time when you comes to the slide.


As I understood we can’t use the pre-loader for loading the web objects, since it only pre-loads images, movies and sounds.


So is there any other way to include and pre-load a web object? Or are the any other way of minimizing the loading time? Any other technic we can use? JavaScript?

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David Price

Hi Marcus, I'm afraid I'm no technical expert but I was looking for some Javascript information the other day and came across this post which lists a load of the functions you could use.  Maybe there is one there you could use to pre-load the slide -

Other than that, could you possibly edit the HTML of the output file and put your own pre-loader in to load the content you need?  Again thats a bit beyond my abilities but may be a path to go down.

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