Changing version of web objects

Jun 25, 2020

We are using tools for making more advanced interactions. And we use web objects in Storyline to show the interactions. The problem is when the web object is updated. For Storyline to "understand" that the web object is updated you have to choose an other web object and press OK. Then choose the correct web object again to update it.

I really wish for a refresh button. Or is there any other way around this bug?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Marcus!

I can see how this would be tedious depending on the number of changes you have to make! This isn't a common request I've heard but I can see why it would be a beneficial addition is Storyline! I'd love for you to share these details with our team. Here's a quick form that we use to grasp exactly what our customers want to see!

I wish we had a quicker solution so that web objects updated in real-time rather than having to re-insert a new web object. I'll let you know if we have any updates.

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