Pre populated emails through variables

I have read so much on the possibilities of using javascript to execute taking variables from Storyline to pre populate an email that would be opened through a trigger.  At this point I don't really know where to start or if it is even possible.  Can you or can't you?

What I want the user to do is click a button at the completion of a course that would open their default email (Outlook) which is pre populated with a proof of completion statement.  The email would incorporate the variables the user filled out at the start of the course, e.g. name, organization, ID number, etc.

Right now I have the course in our LMS but the user has to follow a specific set of directions.  They first ave to select a trigger that would open a pre populated certificate then copy/capture the certificate.  The second step has them select a trigger that opens up a new email message and to attach/paste the certificate and send to a training team.  Unfortunately  or LMS does not allow course owners to recieve emails upon course completion.

The course has been made available for several days and already, a number of questions and concerns have been expressed relating to this method.

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Desiree Leslie

Hi Awesome Articulate Staff!

Has there been any resolution on BK's question? I am dealing with a similar issue. I need to know if we can include variables in the JavaScript of the "Execute JavaScript" trigger. Here's the situation:

I need to provide training to someone who is not in our LMS. I want to provide the training via Articulate Review, and have set a trigger to automatically send an email to the person who requested the training for the learner (AKA: the requester) when the course is completed.


I have the course set up so the learner inputs their first/last name and company name on the first slide of the course; then, when they reach the end of the course and click the "Finish" button, I have a trigger to Execute JavaScript which opens an email to be sent to the requester. In the JavaScript for this email, is there a way to populate the body with the variables from the first slide (i.e., input_firstName, input_lastName, input_companyName)? This way, I don't have to tailor the JavaScript for every similar individual.

Any help/advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Desiree!

Storyline doesn't have documented system variables that you can use in JavaScript. You may discover some by working with Storyline's published output or searching the here in the community forums!

Just be aware that they could interfere with course playback, and they might not work in all versions of Storyline.