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Oct 31, 2012

I have read so much on the possibilities of using javascript to execute taking variables from Storyline to pre populate an email that would be opened through a trigger.  At this point I don't really know where to start or if it is even possible.  Can you or can't you?

What I want the user to do is click a button at the completion of a course that would open their default email (Outlook) which is pre populated with a proof of completion statement.  The email would incorporate the variables the user filled out at the start of the course, e.g. name, organization, ID number, etc.

Right now I have the course in our LMS but the user has to follow a specific set of directions.  They first ave to select a trigger that would open a pre populated certificate then copy/capture the certificate.  The second step has them select a trigger that opens up a new email message and to attach/paste the certificate and send to a training team.  Unfortunately  or LMS does not allow course owners to recieve emails upon course completion.

The course has been made available for several days and already, a number of questions and concerns have been expressed relating to this method.

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Desiree Leslie

Hi Awesome Articulate Staff!

Has there been any resolution on BK's question? I am dealing with a similar issue. I need to know if we can include variables in the JavaScript of the "Execute JavaScript" trigger. Here's the situation:

I need to provide training to someone who is not in our LMS. I want to provide the training via Articulate Review, and have set a trigger to automatically send an email to the person who requested the training for the learner (AKA: the requester) when the course is completed.


I have the course set up so the learner inputs their first/last name and company name on the first slide of the course; then, when they reach the end of the course and click the "Finish" button, I have a trigger to Execute JavaScript which opens an email to be sent to the requester. In the JavaScript for this email, is there a way to populate the body with the variables from the first slide (i.e., input_firstName, input_lastName, input_companyName)? This way, I don't have to tailor the JavaScript for every similar individual.

Any help/advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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