Prescriptive learning based on question draws

Jun 26, 2014

I am creating a final exam for a multiple lesson course.  I have 5 random draw slides within my final scene that each draw a number of random questions from 5 question banks.  I am looking to provide a results slide that shows the learners final score for all question banks together, as well as some way to lets them know, preferably with a score as well as a custom message that tells them which lesson(s) they should review based on the score for that specific question bank.  


I believe I know how to create the results slide score for all of those question draw slides, but not the individual scores/messages. 

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Gordon UBS Lam

Thanks Phil.  Am I "allowed" then to hide the results slide for each bank so they only see the question banks one after another?  And to hide them I assume I take them out of that scene and place them somewhere in another hidden scene? Would those variables still work? And then I would use the variables created by those hidden results slides, as you suggested,  to show specific feedback (and a button) for each bank on the final results slide?  

I know that's a  lot of do I, would they, can I questions in one post but I appreciate your help in advance!

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