Present Exam when all slides are viewed

Oct 19, 2020

Hey guys! 

Just curious, does anyone know of a way to present a "final exam (question bank)+ results slide" only when all pages are viewed in Storyline 360 without the use of restricted navigation, or by adding a custom variable on each slide?

Thanks in advance!

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Jerry Beaucaire

This is greatly influenced by the design of your course.   If you have already designed a course with 20 individual slides and allow the user to roam freely through the slides, it's hard to conceive of a way to keep track of that without a variable for each slide.

Truly, a variable for each slide sounds cumbersome, but it doesn't have to be.

Another way is to use a single numeric variable that is incremented once for each slide visited.  You would need to insure the slides are set to "Resume saved state" so that incrementing only happens once per slide.

When the variable reaches a certain number, you could enable hidden buttons on your slides or menu to take them to the QUIZ.  The quiz slides would need to NOT be listed in the MENU so the user would have no way to "click" to the quiz early.

Another way I use is to use a single slide for NAVIGATION.   Each button on this slide takes the user to all the various other slides and content.  As each button is clicked we set the VISITED state.   When they have clicked all the navigation buttons and they ALL have the VISITED state, then the QUIZ button appears on the same navigation slide.

That last idea is the one I would be most likely to employ.

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