Question Banks for an Exam

Feb 04, 2019

Hi. I am creating an exam that is a separate Storyline file from the course based on how my client likes to administration their exams. In the exam, I have 2 banks of questions that cover the same topics but are set up and worded differently. My co-worker and I wondered: is there a way to set up the exam where we have the 2 banks of questions (36 questions in each) and we tell Storyline to present either bank 1 or bank 2 questions to the learner to complete the exam. We don't want to present both banks (either 1 or the other). We've had some issues with learners sharing the questions with others and wanted options to present different sets of questions each time someone takes the test. Any insights are appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pamela, 

Will learners be presented different question banks based on their role or something else that they could identify or choose? There isn't an option in Storyline to present them one set of questions other another randomly, but it may be something folks in the community could offer ideas on using Javascript or similar. 

When you add in a results slide to track these quizzes, you'll also need to factor in that only one results slide can be reported to your LMS, so you'll want to look at the options here for combining multiple results. 

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