Results slides are automatically resetting draws and fail/success showing conditions

Oct 01, 2015

I'm having a couple of nagging issues with results slides, and wanted to see if these have cropped up for anyone else:

1. Results slides reset to judging whether to show Success or Failure layers based on percentage when I click the Edit Result Slide button, after I have set the layers' showing to base on a value and points instead of a variable.

2. Result slides are dropping bank draws after I have set them. I'll choose two of my banks, publish the exam to test, and find a result slide defaulting back to one of the two specified banks.

Here's background on my exam, as I can't share the file or whom it is for:

I have 16 subject knowledge modules, each of which has two question banks, A and B. At the start of each module, an intro slide chooses A or B at random, and then the chosen bank draws a number of questions at random. Results slides at the end of each module then tabulate score for that module. The exam then moves to the next module and the A or B choice repeats. At the end of the exam, the final result slide shows overall passing and pass/fail plus scoring percentage for each module in a list format. Any suggestions on the above results slide drama would be most appreciated.

-Adam Crespi

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Adam -- I am so sorry to hear of the issues you have described! Have you tried importing the file into a new file to see if you find improvement? It's also key to ensure that you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try to repair Storyline. 

If you continue to have these problems, perhaps you could create a sample file that illustrates the behavior you are seeing so we could take a closer look? You would also be welcome to use this form to submit your file privately for review. 

Adam Crespi

I pinned this down and submitted a bug report. Apparently the issue lies in using the scene drop down list versus jumping around using the Story view tab. In going back and forth between results slides using the drop down list, the check boxes reset to unchecked, but when using the Story view tab to go between slides, they stay checked.

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