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Sep 11, 2014


I want to use our Company's template background for the slides. How can I drag these backgrounds/PowerPoint templates into articulate storyline?

Thanks in advance.

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Valeska Pearson


Thanks for the advice. I have imported the powerpoint slide, but how can I make all of the slides that follow that same colour background as the first slide I have imported. It will take to long to important 34 slide andcopy and paste content over. I just want to set the background of the slides as they are now.

Mike Taylor

Hi Valeska! When you import your PowerPoint Storyline will also bring over your slide master formatting from PowerPoint as well. If you go to View » Slide Master you'll see them. You can manage which master design layout is used by a slide by selecting a layout for it via the Layout button on the Home tab. (In Story View you can do this for multiple slides at once.)

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