Pressing the Back Button on a Slide - Goes Back, but next slide skips to where that user clicked the Back button originally

Mar 14, 2019

I am having major issues with a preview of a scene where I have included back buttons that jump to the previous slide.  On some of them, when you click on the back button during the middle of a slide, it goes back to the previous slide, but when to get the next slide, it starts in the middle of it (where they left off) instead of at the beginning.  I do not know why this is happening.

Anyone experience this before?  What could be the cause?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jen,

Thanks for describing what you see in your course.

I'd double check the revisit slide properties. It sounds like it may be set to 'Resume Saved State'.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

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