Preventing Certain Voice Overs From Playing Too Soon

Dec 21, 2016

Hi Folks:

I have a slide that introduces a multiple choice "a to e" selection with  buttons to click to choose the right answer.

Each click on button produces a layer with a response and voice over.

You can probably see my situation.

Learner could click on a answer before the instruction is completed and then you have dualing voice overs!!

Any way to prevent clicking on any buttons with voice over before instruction voice over completed?

Thanks everyone!!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Roy!

Great question! One option would be to insert a transparent shape on top of the answer choices, and stretch the duration of the shape on the timeline to match the duration of the audio. The shape will prevent your users from clicking on the answer choices below until the audio has ended. 

I'm sure there are multiple ways to accomplish this, so I'm looking forward to seeing the ideas other community members will share here!

Walt Hamilton

One way to solve this is to create a rectangle that covers everything on the slide. If it is set to have a fill, and set to 100% transparency, no clicks pass through it. (If you make a mistake and set it to no fill, clicks will pass through.)

If its initial state is set to hidden, the user can click on a - e. When they do, the first trigger changes the state of the rectangle to normal, the second one plays the voice over. With the rectangle set to normal, no clicks have any effect. Another trigger sets the state to hidden when the media (voice over) finishes, and the user can click again.

Alternatively, you can play each audio on a layer. You can set each layer to prevent or allow clicks on base layer, and to close when the timeline ends. If clicks are allowed, and layers hide other layers, a user could click in the midst of one voice over, and it would interrupt any other one that is playing.

Depends on what you want to have happen.

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