Preview/Edit Query

Hi  - I like that I can now edit a slide while in preview but every time I edit, to recommence preview I then have to start back from the beginning again, slightly frustrating depending on how many slides I have.  It would be good to have an option from preview edit that allowed me to start preview from the slide that was edited.  If there is away to do this I look forward to hearing from someone :)  Thanks.

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Kirk Beckstein

There is a way to "cheat" the system.  First, label all of the slides in the presentation, and enable the player to show them in the sidebar.   If, in  the middle of the preview, you need to make an edit, click edit slide and do so.  After you are done, make a note of the name of the slide you were working on.  Start your preview over, choose entire project.  Then click on the slide you were working on in the sidebar, and the preview will start at that slide.  If your slide is too far down the list on the side bar to see, click on the last slide at the bottom.  You can then scrub up to see the slide you were working on.

Hope this helps.