Previous button doesnt work with questions that come at the end of scenes.

Jul 08, 2015

I have several questions that end a scene. I am trying to create backwards navigation ability from end to front (learner should be able to go backwards page by page from end of module to first page). 

For example, when scene 5 ends with a question (5_5), I can not get to the previous page (5_4) because there is no previous button (only submit) on the initial slide. Once the user has submitted, I have set it to go to saved state so they can see what they chose and they can not answer the question again. At this point previous and next buttons show up, but there doesnt seem a way to program it to go to 5_4. However, if I set it up through the scene view to have the previous and next buttons, users are able to move forward without answering the question, which is also not what I want.


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Padmakar Y

Ok then, to over come this make sure that you create a trigger like:

Jump to slide

Slide 5.4 (example)

when - User clicks

Previous button

Create trigger in a slide that is having the Previous button, Copy the trigger when done and paste it into the Quiz slide that is not navigating correctly when Clicking on the Previous button, follow the same steps for other slides by changing the "Slide number", in the trigger wizard.

Hope this helps.


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