Previous/Next buttons keep appearing when retrying quiz, despite deleting the review button.

Mar 19, 2018

Hi all,

I'm having some issues with a course I'm working on. It has been glitching quite a bit since upgrading it from SL 2 to 360. I got to the point that I just imported all of the slides into a blank project.

No luck.

I managed to work around most of the random issues that popped up (menu and resources appearing despite being unchecked at slide and player level, prev button disabled with no disabled state/trigger, etc). 

But, now, my quiz is acting up. I go through the quiz, fail, and then click the retry button. The previous and next buttons now appear, despite them not having been there before (they are checked off at slide level). I understand that if I had a review button, this would happen. I do not have a review button. I deleted it and no triggers correspond to having one.

Any advice?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Laurie

Storyline thinks any time you access a quiz slide again after completing it is to 'review' so it will add the prev/next buttons to the user can navigate through the slides. 

Access the slide master layout that the quiz slides are based on and try adding these triggers:

  • Change state of next button to hidden when timeline starts
  • Change state of prev button to hidden when timeline starts

Hope that helps.

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